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Table of contents

Event NameGenreDateLocation 1Location 2
see detailsJapan 2001 Nosiro Tanabata OnlineMusicJune 6-8, 2001Castle Hall School, West YorkshireYuden-kan Sugiura, Nosiro
see detailsSpecial Lecture in NosiroMusicJan 28, 2001Heian-Kaku Hall, NosiroKikuchi Lab, Chiba
see detailsSakura Festival OnlineMusicApril 07, 2000Dorce Hall, ChibaBECON, FL
see details(experimental)MusicMarch 22, 2000Dorce Hall, ChibaLahti, Finland
see details(experimental)MusicMarch 07, 2000Dorce Hall, ChibaBECON, FL.
see details(experimental)MusicMarch 05, 2000Dorce Hall, ChibaBECON, FL.
see detailsFestival UK '98School to schoolJune 30, 1998Makuhari Media Surfing, ChibaGrey Coat Hospital, West Minster, London
see detailsGlobal ISDN '98MusicApril 29-30, 1998JAM, ChibaSanta Clara, CA
see detailsGallaudet Day Online 97Signing/ShuwaDecember 06, 1997Makuhari Media Surfing, ChibaGallaudet University, D.C.
see details(experimental)MusicOctober 13, 1997JAM, ChibaANGA, Chiba

Video Online Workshop Chiba, Japan