:: Technical Data and Archives of Events and Experiments using Videoconferencing System

Generic Data

Event Name: (experimental)
Genre: Music
Date: October 13, 1997


Technical Data

Location 1:
JAM, Chiba
location 2:
ANGA, Chiba
CODECvideo: Z250 (Zydacron)
audio: APT's proprietary
video: Z250 (Zydacron)
audio: APT's proprietary
Data transfer ratevideo: 128Kbps
audio: 256Kbps
Data transfer protocolvideo: H.320
audio: System Specific
Echo cancellationOFFOFF
Automatic Gain ControlOFFOFF
Video codingH.261
Video input device(s)Video Camera (Panasonic)Video Camera (Philips)
Video formatNTSCNTSC
Video outputCRT (PC Monitor)CRT (PC Monitor)
Audio codingSystem Specific
Audito inputCombined (PA System)Combined (PA System)
Audio outputComplex (PA System)Complex (PA System)


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Location 1:
JAM, Chiba
location 2:
ANGA, Chiba
Still pictures no recordno record
  • movie 1 (video/mpeg, 2124 KB)WARNING
Sound Clipsno recordno record
Other Recordsno recordno record

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