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Neko (cats) photo page
Neko (cats) photo page 2
Cats' photos by Omi
Electronic Cafe International Electronic Cafe International - World Headquarters
The Genesis of my and the Japan's tele-culturation projects over video-connected telecommunications; and certainly triggered the global scenes of cultural exchane enthusiasm.
Internetworked explroring project for schoolchildren/schoolstudents and citizens of all ages to respect our ancestors, lands, cultures and waters. I am mentoring the web activities.
FluidArts FluidArts
The origin of the water-roots.
cR̕ cR̕
Shakuhachi player, Sakata Seizan, who has collaborated with me at his own studio/lab/venue activated in the City of Chiba, Japan.
y y
They are active to disseminate the excellence and enthusiasm of "Gagaku", the traditional court/ritual performing art of Japan over the 1300-year (human) of history, and the Master of Gagaku, Mita Noriaki, has deep insights in the tele-communications techology to share such history and enthusiasm.
Zydacron Intelligent Meeting Solutions Zydacron Intelligent Meeting Solutions
Very comfortable, very economical, very easy-to-use, and reassuring.
Polycom Worldwide Homepage Polycom Worldwide Homepage
Very aggressive, yet very very easy-to-use, and in the near future, very very state-of-the-art.

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