Videoconferencing System Development

About video conferencing system development

When using a videoconferencing system, one very important thing is to give clear images and voices to remote site, especially for entertainment and educational program.
Most venders sell system with video camera bundled, but if the camera cannot capture image clearly, the given images will be unacceptable quality sometimes.
The micfophone comes with a videoconferncing system will be an omnidirectional microphone in most cases. An omnidirectional microphone cathces the sound all around the site and is important to catch and send ambient atmosphere, but if you need to send voice of specific speaker clearly, a directional microphone does the work.

So it is highly recommended to use certain quality of video camera(s).
It is also recommended to use external microphones: directional and omnidirectional.
To perform enhanced audio and video representation, we recommend to use at least one audio mixer to control sound levels from each microphone easily, and an video mixer if there was enough budget.

We have been developing such applicative use of the videoconferencing system with presentation technique, and here we draw some example of the videoconferencing "system" we use.

System Diagram for enhanced usage of videoconferencing system

Basic Concept

multi-mixer config., 1-bit grayscale, image/png, 9KB

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