Dear friends in Britain:

Many and much efforts have been made by Victor Narciso and me, to realise the live video linked teleconference and tele-culturation between the Grey Coat Hospital and Inage (to be pronounced as: in-a-gay) High School, Chiba, on occasion of the "festival UK98 online from Chiba".

We will link again, but more public this time, to collect some people on both ends, between 17:00 - 19:00 JST (09:00 - 11:00 GDT), Tuesday, 30 June. May I suggest that we could invite the following people for this test video-link at your end, only if it should allow?

AndyFarley (Mr) ICL Limited: John Gray (Mr), principal at Newark and Sherwood College: Opal Dunn (Mrs),, English tutor residing in London Norman Graves (Mr), manager at Zydacron Europe: Lucy Ward (Ms), assistant manager at Fujitsu London: Damian Carrington (Mr), editor at Tomorrow's World: Philip Thacker (Mr), "Action Japan" director at Ministry of Industry, UK:

I would like you to go forward, only if you could feel better. Otherwise, just forget it.

Masami Kikuchi